About The Sebastian Foundation

Starting a new family and seeing how children and families are such an important part of life, Guy and Jules Sebastian felt that this was the time to give back to their community and humanity.

Recognising all people as equals, yet feeling like they had been blessed with so many good things in their own lives, Guy and Jules wanted to encourage the potential in each and every individual, essentially seeking to provide those less fortunate a chance at a better life.

"As humans, we have hopes and dreams for our families and loved ones, and our heart beats for goodness, hope and prosperity for them"

The Sebastian Foundation will collaborate with like-minded partners and charities on an on-going project based basis, with their first official partnership to be with the Red Cross organisation’s aid of the Australian bush fires. The first donations made to the Sebastian Foundation will be redirected and donated to an initiative to rebuild a community centre and infrastructure destroyed in the bush fire disasters in the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales. The collaborative nature of the foundation will see The Sebastian Foundation work in conjunction with a range of different benevolent organisations both nationally and on a global scale in order to create a lasting change in the lives of the less fortunate.

"Our focus is people. Our love is people. We want to see the need and meet the need. We want to help in any way we can and we hope you join us in our mission."